bryston 28b sst2 or levinson 532H

I am looking to upgrade my amp from a Musical Fidelity A5cr that I currently have. The speakers are Revel F52. I am wondering if the extra power of the Bryston 28B SST2 (600w) would give me better performance than the Levinson 532H at 300w. Any comments would be helpful as I will not be able to demo both in my system. Thanks.
Sorry for the error in the question above. The comparison should be between the Bryston 14B SST2 (not the 28B) and the Levinson 532H.
I use the #532H with Revel Salons with great results, can't recommend the #532 enough. A few years back I did try the 28B SST, not the 14, at home, didn't care for them one bit. To sterile sounding.
As much as I admire Bryston the company, ( used a 4B for years, still have it ) there amps didn't seem to be right for my Revels.
Levinson is a safe bet with Revels.
As a B&W 802D (long known as power hungry) owner who has searched high and low for amps that could make them sing I will tell you it is not just the watts that matter. I owned and demoed many amps with the B&W 802D including the Bryston 14B SST2. I never felt any of the amps were getting the best out of my speakers. Well I have found THE amp. You will hear a lot of nay sayers because it is a Class D but this is based on the new technology of the Hypex Ncore NC1200 that is creating buzz in the industry and the words "game changer" being said. The brand I heard and have on order is the Veritas monos by Merrill Audio .net. Do yourself a big favor and demo them in your system, you will not be sorry.
I own the latest 7Bs (similar to 14B but with more capacitance) mated to F52s and they do a very good job. I often think that the bass should be better but it has more to do with a lousy room set-up. While I have never owned a Levinson amp I would suspect that given that the Revel and Levinson products are from the same "stable" that there would be a synergy between them. I would offer that Levinson could be the optimal choice...
I would go with Levinson out of those 2 just for the simple fact that Revel voices their speakers with Levinson amps.