bryston 14bst or aragon 8008bb

which one of these amps would you suggest for b&w n802s based on sound. I own the aragon but I might upgrade to the power of the bryston 14bst. The aragon is nice a little dark which is not to bad and a little harsh on the top end not so good. I want the best sound I can get. please help me .
I too own the N802s, and originally auditioned them with the Bryston 7B-ST monos: essentially, the 14B-ST in two chases: they sounded great: the reason that I bought them...

The Aragon is a great amp, but does not have the sheer power of the 7/14s: the Bryston will control the bass better, and provide more life in the transients: the sudden power requirements of HT.

I'm now to a point of bi-amping the N802s, and in search of likely candidates: the Meridian 558, the Theata Dreadnoughts, and the Bryston 6B (two, to be exact).

Good Luck.
According to Bryston, the 14B-ST is an improved version of the mono 7B-STs. Like the 7B-STs, it will drive anything; and is dead quiet as well. And of course there is always that 20 year fully transferable warranty, which if nothing else, significantly increases the value of the 14B-ST if you were to ever decide to sell it. My vote is most definitely for the 14B-ST.
I have heard the 802N with the Theta Dreadnaught...magical !
So much so that when I had a chance to purchase a used five channel version of the Theta I snatched it up. I've always had amps like the Bryston, Aragon, Threshold, BAT ss, but the move to the Theta was a huge improvement, and you can biamp with identical amps to boot!

I appreciate the comment: I'm still undecided, but am leaning toward the Thetas. I'm having more trouble determining my next priority: survive with my B&K monos, purchase a real DVD-A player, then upgrade my pre/pro (probably both will be Meridian).

Do Take Care.