Bryston 14B ST vs 14B SST?

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the relevant differences between the Bryston 14B ST and 14B SST? I'm looking at replacing my 4B ST and have an opportunitty to purchase a 14B ST from a friend and am wondering if I should hold off and find a SST (if there is a material difference).

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Go over to the Bryston circle at James Tanner will be glad to answer your questions. From what I've heard, the SST amps are considered smoother than the ST. I owned a pair of 7B SST amps, but I had no reference to previous Bryston products.

For what it's worth, I'd also consider Parasound and ATI amps. Build quality is very good, as well as, sonics. You just don't pay for the 20 year warranty.
Several years ago I had the same question.I called Bryston and spoke with Brian Russell Brystons' founder about the differences.If my memory serves me correctly he advised that the 14BST was in production on or about the same time the company had released the SST series.He went on to say that the propreitary technology employed in the SST series amps had already been incorporated in the 14BST and other than the cosmetics/logo there was no audible difference between the 14BST and the SST.I did an A/B between the two models and he was correct.
What Markwatkiss says is correct. There is no difference between the ST and SST versions of the 14B.