Bryston 14B-ST & SST comparisons

Hi! I am interested in reading your opinions on subjective/measurement comparisons between the newer 14B-SST which replaced the 14B-ST amps.

The specs as posted on the Bryston website appear to be identical apart from the power rating... 500W on the older model compared to 600W for the current model.
I think Bryston says these are the same amps. The SST line was created to utilize the technology of the 14B-ST. The 14B-ST was renamed SST just to keep the model nomenclature uniform across the line.
I'm thinking there was a recent review in either The Absolute Sound or Stereophile. Perhaps that will help you to a degree? Seems to be an impressive unit.
Thx Jazzdude and stne418!

Yes Jazzdude you are correct, the 14B-ST and SST are both identical barring cosmetics. Bryston also offers a $300 'upgrade' to owners of the 14B-ST who wish to have the newer look. Got this info from Bryston Tech Support.

According to new reviews in the German audio press (e.g. HiFi & Records, Stereo), the amps are not identical, the SSTs offering better current capabilities and noticable better sound.