Bryston 14B SST vs Rowland 12's for N802's?

I am considering picking up a set of N802's. I have a Bryston 4B SST now, but from previous posts many are recommending as much power as possible to drive these speakers. I am wondering what the best match would be. I am considering the 14B SST @ 600wpc or the Jeff Roland 12's @ 200wpc. I know the Rowland is a superior amp, but; would the extra wattage that the Bryston Amp provides be a better match to make them sing?
Other Equiptment:
Proceed AVP2 +6
Proceed PMDT
Transparent Powerlink XL Power Cords
Transparent Music Wave Ultra XL'S
Transparent Musiclink Super Interconnects (MM)
Transparent Reference Digital Link
Panamax M-5300 Power Center

Any advice would be welcome.
I can't speak to a comparison betwee nthe Rowlands and a 14B-SST but I can advise that moving from a 4B-SST to the 14 was a huge leap forwards. The people @ Bryston will advise that all their SST amps sound the same and its only a speaker's power requirement that would show the differences between their amps but let me tell you the amount of detail I now get via the new amp is amazing. The old cliched "where did that come from" is evident on a variety of recordings. My speakers (Tyler Linbrook monitors) are fairly effecient so its not that the 14B provides a much needed power boost. I am sure that you would enjoy either choice, audition a 14 if you can.
Well, and if I might horn in here, what about a 14B SST vs two 7B SSTs what would be the difference there outside of basic functional and physical differences? Does anyone know from audition or bought one over the other for whatever reason?
you answered your own question grasshopper...Roland better amp ...ah so...besides bryston,is a good amp, but mega watts is only PUSSYcat power without the amperes to back it it will clip more than the Roland