Bryston ???

Is there something going on at Bryston? I have been trying to communicate with them for a week and received no contact. Called 5 times, emailed, and no response. It's in regard to a BP25 that I am pretty sure is under warranty. Bought from a Bryston dealer. I am not having warm and fuzzy feelings.
That may make sense. I hope so. Thanks for the response.
They're too large of a company to use the excuse of moving to cease communicating with their customer base for any amount of time.
Their CEO is active and will immediately have someone contact you if you ask them.  Google Bryston Circle.  Their service is beyond reproach.
You mentioned "Bought from a Bryston dealer."  Why not contact the dealer?
Currently they are way behind on production because of strict pandemic mandates in Canada. I just received my 3B Cube amp after waiting a little over 3 months. 
You can find the CEO over on the Bryston forum on AudioCircle.
I'm sure they will used the now tired excuse

"short staffed due to COVID"

blaming it on "supply chain issues" doesn't apply
Thank you for all the responses. I will contact the dealer on Monady perhaps they will have a route to direct contact. Then if that gets nowhere I guess I will try and go direct to the ceo, but I hope that is not necessary.  Hopefully I am just being nervious, but it does seem odd.
Thanks again!

James Tanner is active there today.  He's very approachable and will get you squared away.  Mike is their no. 1 tech who is also wondering approachable and helpful.
Bear in mind also that Thanksgiving in Canada was October 11.
Bryston is a solid company with great service.
Many things are all f****d up for reasons stemming from the pandemic. I could give examples, but suffice it to say I've had trouble getting all kinds of services without long waits. And prices have gone up quite a bit, too.
I have always read that Bryston is a great company for service. I  own 2 Bryston components, which I really like. This is why I am confused with my experience so far trying to contact them. Hopefully it's just some anomaly. I will post when things are resolved or as I find out more. Once again, I appreciate the insights from everyone. I love audiogon forum.
Canada quickly switched to socialism so there are lots of restrictions and bumps for any private company to move on with business. 

@jiffg If you contacted Bryston USA then that could be the cause of the delayed response. I believe that is a single person. If you contacted Bryston in Canada then I am surprised it took more than a day to get a response.

The now CEO of Bryston personally delivered my very first amp back in the day on his way home to the old location. Every time I contacted them then were great. Including when I asked James Tanner advice about  Thiel CS3.7 speakers. He had the best online review.
@czarivey   Please leave your politics at home. Oh, sorry, I didn't realize it was irony.
James will be grateful if you let him know which email or link you used that failed.  Mike can absolutely help you with any issue you may encounter. 
Hi all,
Well today I called the dealer, he gave me the email contact for the sales director which was all he had other than the numbers and email address I already contacted which were Bryston Canada. I also tried the 800 number again and just went to voice-mail. I will see if this other fellow gets back with me by tomorrow. If not I will try James. I am sure there is a logical explination for all this. Thanks for all the support!
Try this?
The sales gentleman for Bryston just emailed me back and copied 2 of their techs in on the conversation. He said they are really busy, and on the audio circle page James stated in a different recent post that they are having issues with sourcing parts like everyone else. I  can believe that. So hopefully all will be good eventually. Thanks to everyone, what a great resource you have been. Much appreciated!
So I was emailed by the service tech guys, they said they are slammed and like everyone in manufacturing experiencing parts shortages. I fully believe they are experiencing the shortages, which are causing backups. I can't blame them either if they are prioritizing new builds as cash flows are important too! North American manufacturing has gotten itself in a real pickle recently. We are super dependant on foreign sources of supply.
Thanks again everyone!
I spoke with the Bryston office a couple months back on two occasions and they were quite helpful. I’m sorry you’ve been having difficulties. I do strongly believe they continue to be a really excellent company and an asset to the audio community. As others have noted, James Tanner is a constant on the Audio Circle.
They repair my 9B Power Amp with warranty expired by 5 months for free. I call that Customer Service.
I am sending unit back tomorrow, under warranty. Once I was actually able to make contact everything has been very smooth. 
Thanks Everyone!
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I suspect that the Bryston/Axiom Audio merger which happened a few months ago has caused some of the slow down in response.  They have a lot to sort out.
I had an amp failure on one of my Axiom subs caused by some component on one of the boards in the linear power supply.   They paid for the shipping back and even sent me a custom built wooden shipping crate to mount the amp in (its super heavy).  It took them a couple of weeks to get it into the lab for repair, but I just got the FedEx tracking number this past Friday, so it's finished up and on the way back.
As always, excellent customer service is still on going; its just running a little behind.   I think the other issue at hand perhaps is that they have started their annual early Black Friday deals on speakers and they are most likely getting swamped.
I have been working on having a custom built sub made up and its taking a bit of time to get this sorted out.