(Brutally) Honest Audio Reviews

Check out this website for honest reviews of audio equipment.  

Click the 3 bars on the top left to navigate to the review list.

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Just another review site with "experts."  Nothing new here....yawn.

It should however, add more perspective to help one make their own decision.
I thought this site was a bit amateurish when I read the KEF Blade review.


Look at the amplification used in the review.  They liked the LS50 over the Blades. Amateur hour.
Better than much of the fluff out there from certain sites and “reviewers”.  And definitely more useful than most of the posts found here.
Interesting review site but there is no tube gear!  I can’t imagine a world without tubes so for me the site is just a curiosity, not something to be taken seriously.  
Love the speaker reviews and the way they separately evaluate individual components of sound as well as the whole.

The best bit is the way they take no prisoners and tell it like they see it - I can imagine more than a few hostile emails heading their way.

@joseph796 great link, you have my gratitude.
OK.  So let's admit that the great stuff and the slightly better than average equipment does pretty well for most audible needs.  We could have a DNB thread sub group to let others know when something is Truly No Bueno (DoNotBuy).
Let's hope this is the Beta version.  The Magico review mentions two different models, both 7's however I believe the S and the Q are in different leagues?
Imagine that:
The Magico S7 are the best speakers I have auditioned to date. Period.
What would Audiotroy say?

Great site, thank you.
Interesting, they are rating some really great brands. But there is so much variance based on subjective listening. Example, my cold is your accurate. But still (more) opinions to consider if you want. I think it's more  brutally opinionated than anything else.
The review of the big new Technics turntable seemed to say, "Wow, that's almost as good as top digital!"

Sounds like some deep insights on offer.
From what I can see they are using manufacturer stock photos. That is normally an indicator that the speakers have never been in their possession.

A lot of these types of sites are popping up. Their "impressions" could be coming from real reviewers. 
Wheres Simaudio Ace and Naim Atom? I know they are light weights. however we all dont own huge listening rooms or mansions. Many of us have smaller places with no need for 800W./ ch. Both are hot sellers for the middle class music lovers.

There really should be the audiophile equivalent of  an S&M site:

  • You log in, pay the fee & list all your equipment
  • Then up pops a list of reviews for each item
  • The reviews are savage, merciless. Basically everything you own & love is a POS
"Ah, that was so satisfying!"


I think you are correct. However, my new audiophile expert review page will be different. I base my facts on YouTube information with a low membership fee. Sign up now for a special rate!
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they got the KEF Blade right      but it seems kind of old  products   but not sure 
 sorry about writing they got adds and Comericals 
popping up as i write on my  cell    just lack of respect  is all     
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A thought provoking article from the site discussing the art of recording, dramatically titled as follows :


Rather disappointingly it seems to confirm that we are all in the business of chasing illusions. No more or no less.

Honesty seems to be not only one of the rarest of qualities in the world of audio, but also one of the least desired.