brulee fails PC challenge

Big mouth brulee failed the PC challenge. Never had any doubts that the better PCs could make a difference. I know they can and do. Thought I would give it a try just to make sure big mouth knew what he was talking about. There was no pressure. I was all alone. Switched out the FIM PCs and put in a couple Beldon PCs. Just as I thought. The magic was gone. This is going to be easy I said to myself. Put the FIM back in and it sounded as bad as the Beldon. Images were stuck to the face of the speaker and was very dry sounding. Next day I listened again and all the magic was back. Big, liquid, flowing music was back. Swapped them out again and same thing happened. How can I take on this PC challenge when it takes the next day or at least several hours before the FIM PC comes around. I failed this test. I am convinced PCs make a subtle to dramatic difference but I still failed the challenge. I am very happy no one was there to say "I told you so". I am a believer in PC but what can be said of someone who constantly touts the benefits of PCs and then fails the PC challenge. I'm glad my friend Jhunter was not around. Any ideas to keep things stable? PCs do make an improvement, just ask the guy who failed the PC challenge. Any help would be appreciated.
Asa- sounds like Heisenberg at work here. The tests don't work because you disturb the subject by testing it!
As Professor Kenn Amdahl wrote in "There Are No Electrons: Electronics For Earthlings", "Who's moving around inside that wire? It's little greenies's not electrons..(they're) a myth...little green guys who want to get to a party...
No less an authority than Dave Barry said of this seminal work, "There Are No Electrons changed my life. I lost 17 pounds in five minutes without dieting, and I feel great!"
Thanks guys for not reacting negatively to my prose, which, admittedly, is not the norm here; I wanted to be as concise as possible. I also just get tired - no, frustrated - at the people so attached to objectified thinking in audio (or any endeavor, for that matter). They are missing so much, both in music and in themselves. Believing in a matrix of ideas as a definitive paradigm is a comfortable place to be, but, ultimately, an attachment to that set of rules on what is, is itself our limitation (and particularly when its focus, control of matter, has had such dire consequences for the matter around us that we define as "not us"). The underlying motivation for this attachment is a fear, or recoil, from future knowledge and experience. The belief that scientific truth is primary truth while denying, or ignoring, its partialities is itself un-scientific and constitutes denial. This denial in the microcosm of audio is symptomatic of this current in our society at large; they are not separate. Such minds are following rules, unreflectively, that somebody else told them was all they could know. They limit themselves; they limit what is. Limiting "what is" is not a good thing to do if you want to evolve - individually, collectively, in audio or not. An attachment to a scientific/ratio-empiric/positivist world-view is a denial of what we could be.

Thanks again for listening with open minds.
I think Asa writes for the Federal Government, perhaps helping to draft the taxcode? I could see him going on and on for 40,000 pages or so...reading the 6-27 above, I just kept thinking "your point being?"...there's something to be said for being concise and to the point, rather than hiding behind words.
Is it my imagination, or does Eber chime into discussions only when he thinks he sees an easy mark, as in something that's a little different - or, a little different from him? Didn't Eber become sparse in these pages about two months ago, right about at the same time that some members were warned about their combativeness and rudeness?


Basically, I think it is cowardly to criticize in a combative and demeaning manner without addressing content.

There are many different people in this world, and in this audio world, and it is best to be tolerant of those who communicate differently than ourselves if that communication is honest and forthright.

Actually, some of the ideas in the above piece were previously published in the Absolute Sound, and most recently, in Ultimate Audio magazine.

I'm sorry that Eber can not understand the content of the above to a sufficient degree to respond, or that he thinks he should impose his own ideas on what is proper discourse on this page, or that he is just mean-spirited and gets an anonymous rush from insiting discord in those around him.

But, if he can not respond to content, or lacks the cognitive agility to do so, he should keep his childish games to himself.
Wooooaaaah!!! In a (probably vain) attempt to avoid the impending melt-down of this post, I will try to rapidly to engage Brulee back to the point of his post. The only way to test any component is to live with it for a month and reflect on how much you are enjoying the music. This is long enough for any burnt-in component. The quick ABX is irrelevant for loads of reasons, except as a useful tool to eliminate the obviously awful (help me here guys.....).