Bruce Springsteen, did you see the show?

What a show! 3 hours.
Outlaw Pete, destine to be a classic live performance.
Climbing into the audience to sing "Hungry Heart" with his MOM!!
Collecting a bunch of request signs from the audience and picking of all things "London Calling" by the Clash. Miami Steve and Bruce did Stummer and Jones proud.
Max Weinberg's son Jay. 18 years old and a musical prodigy. Handled the second half of the show.
Kitty's Back. Nuff said.
Bruce is the ultimate entertainer. The best America has to offer.
Rock and Roll week on Idol next week.

They should have The Boss be the mentor!

Actually, I think it is Slash or somebody like that.
I'm not a huge Bruce fan, but I've seen him once, and I appreciate his talent. It's easy to agree with your assessment that Bruce is the best America has to offer. I feel similarly about Neil Young (OK, he's from Canada, but still...).

I wasn't aware Max's son was a drummer. Thanks for sharing that anecdote. He must be outstanding because Bruce doesn't allow just anyone to play with him, regardless of family connection.
Yep, one things for sure, he certainly gives the gig goers good value for money when he performs, always has.
Bruce would throw his water cups at the young Wienberg to distract his playing I guess. He watched him like a hawk. The young man never missed a beat.
Been to many concerts. Bruce is fantabulous!
Over the years I have seen Springsteen about 65 times - every tour since 1978 when as a 13 year old kid I bought tickets for Madison Square Garden through a scalper for the outrageous price of $35 (everyone thought I was nuts to pay that price).

This is his first tour that I will won't be going - probably never again to any large venue rock shows. They are simply too loud for me, even with earplugs.

At his last tour, I had greats seats right up front. But every bass drum beat felt like it was punching me in the chest. My ears rang for days afterwards.

Even at the back of the floor was simply too loud and distorted for me.

His solo tours are amazing (I saw Ghost of Tom Joad and the Rising solo tour), and much lower in volume, so perhaps if he does that again I'll try and get tickets.

Luckily though, every single show he performs finds it's way onto the net, sometimes just a few hours afterwards! (try Dime - or Usenet, there is a newsgroup just for Springsteen)

People use Shoeps mics, and are pretty serious about doing a good job. I wish they would start recording in 96K. I have seen a few high res bootlegs of other artists.

So I still enjoy his new live shows, except at a comfortable DB level. Cowboy Pete is amazing live.

Funny thing is, even though I am now so sensitive to loud music, I am able to listen through my tube gear at a pretty high level without it bothering me in the least.
Saw the show a few weeks ago. Time before was 1978. First one was much better. Still good though the song selection was not what I wished for. He's a bit of a cheerleader in the Bono mode now. But what else is there these days?