Bruce Moore Uranus 2 Preamp need info

Just got one and need all information I can get. Parts and tubes, tweaks, manual etc. Any and all help appreciated. thanks. mike.
I can only offer a word of caution: With so many 'audiophile' companies out there trying to fuck the consumer i'd be leery of any unit with a name like that. somebody out there might have a damn good sense of irony.
I would also be very leery of advise and opinions from audiophiles who really don't know what they are talking about.

Bruce Moore is one of the best audio designers out there; and a tube audio pioneer. His preamps have been very favorably reviewed. The Uranus 2, if I am not mistaken, was a TAS favorite and competitive with the Conrad Johnson Premier 2 of the time. Also, someone refresh my memory please, but I think he may have been a co-designer of the original Modulus preamp,; in fact, I think the Uranus was manufactured by Audible Illusions.

I doubt that the unit, if in good shape, is anything but very musical. Good luck.
Call Bob Bergner at RB Audio in California. He is the current distributor for Bruce Moore Audio products, and is in direct contact with Bruce Moore. They also provide mods and support for previous Bruce Moore designs.
it was a joke frogman.
He really named his product Uranus? Another shining example of audiophile marketing savvy,