Bruce Moore Companion IIC preamp

I just wanted to know if anyone else has one of these , and what they think of it?
I just bought one off of Bob Bergner at RBAudio to replace my Audio Research SP16 preamp and I must say that it is in my opinion much better sounding than the SP16. I got it hooked up to my Rogue Magnum MB 120's and it sounds fantastic! Lower noise floor than the SP16 and much better bass , it's also lusher sounding!
Great preamp for the money!
Does anyone else have any experiences and/or opinions of these Bruce Moore preamps? I'm even considering getting a one of his amp designs.

I have one of his preamp designs from a previous company that he worked for, MFA. The MFA Magus is a really good one, and has become a "cult classic" for high-value preamps w/phono section. Very reasonably priced on the used market. I have spoken with Bob Bergner numerous times about the Companion, and I have no doubt it is a very fine preamp.
Yeah , I love this thing. I'd love to end up somewhere down the road with his top-end preamp and 225 watt monoblocks!

That would be the ultimate!
I've got a "late 80's" version of the Magus preamp that needs tech service to eliminate a 60 cycle hum. It's been in storage for several years and I'd like to get it running again for a phono preamp as well as for it's lush, natural sound & great soundstage. Can anyone assist me with the name/number of someone capable of working on this unit.
Tom, Mission Viejo, CA (949) 310-4246
Tom, you might want to contact Bob Bergner at rb electronics (see the website). He sells Bruce Moore's current designs. Maybe he could have Bruce look at it or direct you elsewhere.