Brubeck's "Time Out"

The only CD release of Brubeck's classic "Time Out" that I am aware of is by Sony. The reissue is enhanced & remastered. Are there other higher quality CDs of this album available? Thank you.
There's an SACD, but maybe that's the Sony you're referring to.
I have the Columbia/Legacy, Super Audio, CS65122, marked "SACD Surround Sound/SACD Stereo, Plays only on SACD Players" Jacket text indicates 'Stereo Multi-ch'

The only thing that sounds better is the reel to reel version I have.
I own the remastered Columbia Jazz Masterpieces CD which is one of the very best produced CDs in my collection. It may no longer be available new, but there are several copies available used on Amazon.

Whoever did the remastering is/was a genius, because my Jazz Masterpieces version of "Kind of Blue" is similarly fantastic. Not sure how close these are to the analog versions, but they sound really really good.
Knownothing: The only Brubeck CD that I can locate in the Columbia Jazz Masteriece series is "Gone With The Wind".

OK, it must be out of print. Did you go to the Amazon link in my post above? There are seven used copies available at Amazon right now.
I also have that CD. I looked at the Amazon link, and yes, thats the one.
Thank you. I did check out the link, but incorrectly assumed that it was not the recording in the Masterpiece Series. Bad me.