Brown out problem

I lost the thread for this info so I reposted this.My EAD now has a problem with current draws to other parts of my house.It loses DD and dts locks.I looked around but found it daunting.
What would be a good product, I need a product not a link to a confusing webpage.....that sounded kinda rude.Thanx
Two products that are advertised as able to solve your type of problem are the Monster Cable AVS-2000 Voltage Stabilizer and the PS Audio P300 Power Plant. Both are for sale from Audio Advisor (yes, they have a web site) for the same price, a hefty $1495. Maybe you can find one for less through a dealer with a store or buy used. Good luck.
Check out
Not quite sure I understand the whole situation, but this one device shouldn't cause a brown out and neither should any typical appliances in the house. That is unless there is a feed problem or worse a wiring problem in your house. Might want to check those out before investing in power regenerating device, e.g., PS Audio P300, P600, etc.
I had and EAD Encore that would loose digital lock on occassion. Especially when other items in the house drew power. It progressed until the unit would just click and not turn on. I sent it to EAD for repair and they replaced something in the power supply. I also had them ugprade the unit to an EAD Ovation Plus. It has workded flawless since then.

I would suggest borrowing a power regulator before purchasing one to be sure its the power and not the EAD itself that has the problem.