Brown out

How bad is a brown-out on equipment?

For some reason I just had one that lasted about 4 seconds while all my equipment was on... Everything seems OK, but I'm wondering if it's something like I just lost 10 years of the life expectancy of all my equipment.
You only lost 3.348 years at 4 sec.Dont sweat the small shit,cheers,Bob
Brown outs and power interruptions are a fact of life. Any designer of electronic equipment who makes something that would be damaged by such should be fired.
Most people have them now and then, right?

I don't understand how they could damage something... something to do with heat build-up?
Might be the time to consider a surge protector, just in case something bigger than a brown out is on the horizon.
2 years per second..sell now.
Brown out are usually during the summer when power consumtion is at it highest. Do you use a heatpump for heat or are you using your a/c this time of year or another type of pump or motor in your house could be failing. Some of these will cause what you discribe at startup.
This isn't a consistent thing... in fact it's the first time it has happened here.

I do use a pretty nice power conditioner / surge protector - a Furman elite 15i. This doesn't have any protection against a brown-out though, does it? It has an automatic voltage shut-off when the power dips below about 85v... and I don't believe that this kicked the other night when the brown-out happened. My amp did go into 'protection mode' for a second though, so maybe the undervoltage protection kicked in...

How severe and for how long does a brown-out usually need to be for any damage to occur? What actually causes the damage?

Djembeplay I have the same model Furman as well and your question prompted me to email Furman regarding brownout protection. I think brownouts can wreak havoc on electrical motors, but I am not so sure about audio gear.
Anyway, I will post Furman's response, once I have it.

Djembeplay, this is the response I received from Furman.


This unit will not regulate the voltage but it will still protect from a surge.

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Subject: Furman - Elite 15PF - i - Power Conditioner


I own the Furman Elite 15PF and was just wondering about the effects of a brownout. Is the equipment conmnected to the Furman still protected as in a power surge?
Differant manufactures recommend differant limits but the rule of thumb is no more than 10%. I do not allow more than 5% myself.