Brown Eyes - Tusk Reissue

The appeal of the recent zillion disc Tusk reissue is probably limited to Mac fanatics like me ( I love the seven different versions of "I Know I'm Not Wrong", but I'm not sure how many others will), but there's one extremely cool moment on the thing that may be of broader appeal here.  The original album featured an atmospheric ballad from Christine McVie called "Brown Eyes".  On the reissue, there's a version that includes contributions from both Lindsey Buckingham and Peter Green.  It's IMO a vast improvement over the original with - surprise! - some great lead guitar playing.

I wouldn't rush out to buy the album for this track, but if you stream (and like Peter Green) it's worth checking out.
Better yet,  check out "Say You Will",  which i believe was their last and final release as a "band."  I think this is a far better album than Tusk overall.


I'm a huge fan of Say You Will.  Oddly, it kind of reminds me of Tusk in that neither record is very coherent to my ear - Say You Will sounds like two solo albums stapled together and Tusk sounds like three solo records stapled together.  In both cases, the messy clash of songwriting sensibilities works to increase the appeal of the records for me - there's a sense of creative energy that I really relate to.

Relative to Tusk, I find that Say You Will suffers from the lack of Christine McVie tracks and Dave Stewart's hit and miss production on the Stevie Nicks tracks.  However,the Buckingham tracks on Say You Will are collectively my favorite of any of his contributions to Fleetwood Mac albums, so the record is on my short list of all-time favorites.

 I really love both records, but if I had to choose one, I'd also pick Say You Will.