Brown Audio Labs LS-1 Tube Line Stage Preamp ?

I am unable to find articles and read about the Brown Audio Labs LS-1 Tube Line Stage Preamplifier. Has anyone in the forum owned one or currently using one?

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It's not a whole lotta money. I'd say go for it. Looks decent. But you're better off dealing with georgelofi imo.
Yes...I currently use Brown LS-1. It's not a bad pre-amp for the money. I had a Musical Design previously and it doesn't compare to that at all but like I said for the money this the LS-1 is not bad. Nice sound. No noise. I think it sounds better using the 12BH7 tubes vs. the 12AU7. Let the pre-amp warm up for about 5 minutes before turning on the amps. It tends to blow the woofers on the speakers if the pre-amp does not warm up first. There is one heck of an impedance miss match especially if you are using solid state amps. It really does sound good for the price. It will captivate you...especially for the price. Cabinet could have built a little more sturdy but I would still give it a thumbs up.