Brought to you by Simmons

I'm shopping for a new mattress and came across this from the Simmons site:

"Think about how much you want to spend. Buying a decent mattress is like buying a decent sound system. A higher quality mattress is usually bought at a higher price. However, price isn’t everything. Focus on the models that suit your needs best."

I was initally surprised by any comparison to audio since so many folks think spending a couple of hundred bucks is a bit outrageous. But then I was struck with the succinct advice given. Those last three sentences are great -- just substitute "audio system" for mattress. The only thing missing is a sentence on synergy and environment.

By the way, I'm still surprised by the comparison ;-)
Whew, there for a minute, when I saw the title of your thread, I thought it was going to be about Richard Simmons. Perhaps an audiophile reissue of "sweatin' to the oldies" ;)
when you consider how much to spend on a spend 1/3 of your life in bed (and some of the best times of course ;o))...your back will thank you for not trying to save a buck here...2k will keep you and your back happy I'm sure...unless you want to pony up 10-20k for a Dux bed.
Slipknot, I'd be a day late to introduce a thread about Richard Simmons ;-)
I'm now taking this thread off course, but I must share this:

Speaking of sleeping systems....don't buy the Select Comfort rig. I did, my wife loved it and I figured I'd eventually adjust so we kept it.

What a shit bucket. Too bad there's no "Mattressgon" on the web, I'd ditch that rig.
Hmmm... I've had a similar experience to that of Danlib's with the Select Comfort beds. That is, when we first got it, my girlfriend LOVED it and i disliked it. After having it for some period of time, i've come to find that it's not that bad. Having said that, there are aspects of my motionless water bed that i dearly miss. I do have to admit that my back is in much better shape now than when using my waterbed, even though the waterbed was noticeably warmer due to the heating element.

I wonder what it is about these that women like so much and men either dislike and / or have to make major adjustments to? For sake of reference, we are using their "pillowtop" model and i've "modified" parts of the bed. Much like an audio system, i'm not content with the stock offerings from too many different manufacturers : ) Sean
Please tell me you are not sleeping on the floor,lately?
Speaking of Simmons and beds, here's a link that may be worth a laugh or too. Those that are squeamish shouldn't click on THIS LINK. Those that have got a sense of humour will probably get at least a chuckle out of it. Sean

PS... Gunbei and Marco are not allowed to view that site due to special encoding that i included in the link. If they saw that website, they would never stop fantasizing about Florence Henderson aka Mrs Brady : )
King Coil makes a nice firm mattress. However they're so thick smaller users may need some kind of step up device :^)
Danlb1, mabe you have just not allowed enough breakin time. Have you tried any tweaks? Isolation platforms, mabe NOS spring rolling.

I seen this one on AA did any of you see it? "SWMBO"

Well, it's been a year. I haven't tried any mods yet like NOS springs though. Another thought is to put the whole rig on Aurios Media Bearings. Of course, just the sound of "Ginko Cloud" sounds restul as well...:)
Danlib1: One of the best and simplest things that you can do is to pack the "center aisle" that separates the individual air chambers from each other with foam. What they provide you with simply isn't enough, especially if you weigh more than 100 lbs. Doing this helps to maintain a more consistent amount of support for your back and legs. Otherwise, you'll end up laying across a "gully" that the lack of foam support creates and part of each air mattress as you roll around in bed.

If there is a drastic difference between the amounts of air pressure from one side of the bed to the other, you can vary the density of foam in the middle to act as a transition between the two. I think that you'll find that this will help out quite a bit.

For the record, i used a bunch of acoustic foam that i had laying around. I would guess that one of those foam mattress covers aka "egg crate foam" rolled up or cut into multiple layered sections might work just as well. You may have to experiment with the quantity and density that you have to use, but believe me, it is worth the effort. Doing this completely changed my thoughts / opinions about the bed.

I would start off with more than you think that you need, which may create a slight "hump" in the middle of the bed, as the foam is so soft that it easily crushes under the weight of a human laying on top of it. Speaking of "humps", this also provides a more even and consistent platform when "getting busy" : ) Sean
Acoustic foam to make a bed more comfortable! This thread has taken a fun turn. The Simmons site was also a hoot -- Sean, your talents seem endless ;-)

Anyone ever try this?
Thanks Sean! Tomorrow I'm stuffin' the middle,,and not the way I usually do :))

Ozfly- My Select Discomfort came with the pillowtop, but in my efforts for peace I tried the memoryfoam on top. My mistake was I bought a 3 inch memory foam slab, and it was like sinking into your casket- not much fun (Damn expensive too!). It also made Gettin' Busy far more difficult. If you try a topper, don't go too thick.

Man this thread has really meandered around. DK anyone?
Since you ask, my wife and I gave the Tempur-pedic mattress a go, and I found that after two days my back was killing me. She sweat to death because well, foam doesn't breathe all that well, and she woke up in the middle of the night looking like a freshly boiled lobster. So did we walk away from the challenge of making it work with the mattress? Heck no! We litz wired some Cyberlight IC's through the center section of the mattress for added support with the added benefit of nocturnal light therapy, plugged one end into a dark, personal place and the other into the back of our DK, ran the amp with some NOS Mullards, and let me tell you...well, I'm sure you can guess...but suffice it to say that my wife's midrange had that 'you are there' feeling in no time at all. This audio stuff is simply dreamy!
DK and Cyberlight- It's like Charles and Camilla!

Made for one another :) Thanks Howard- I'll redouble my efforts to adjust to my crappy bed.
Danlib, thanks for the advice. If I add anything, I'll go thin -- don't need anything getting in the way of continued marital bliss ;-)