Brothers in Arms 1/2 Speed Mastered

Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms LP is one of my all time favorites. I have been tempted, lately, to buy the 180g 1/2 Speed Mastered version. For those who have listened to this version, how does it compare? Is it a "must have"? Thanks.
It is a must have. The one I purchased is on two records. It is the finest piece of vinyl I own.
What is the label? The Stan Ricker mastered jobby, pressed at RTI (WEALP49377). Good names there. I'd like to hear it.

As you probably know, this was originally recorded digitally, probably among the first rock albums cut entirely on a 24-track Sony digital recorder.

Metralla is right. Any vinyl pressing is going to be a DAA at best (digital recording, analog master, analog pressing) but more likely a DDA (digital recording, digital master, analog pressing) so you wouldn't really be getting anything special for your money, at least not insofar as "analog" recording is concerned.

However, I own both the commercial CD release and the XRCD release of Brothers, and I can tell you difference is amazing, as is the XRCD version of The Eagles Hell Freezes Over album.
I purchased the two lp 180 gram reissue of Brothers in arms you refered to in your question. I have mixed feelings about this reissue. I compaired it to my 1985 Quiex II promo pressing and while the new reissue does have better bass, sounds very clean and is on fairly quiet vinyl tonally my 20 year old promo copy has a more natural sound to it. The 1/2 speed reissue does sound good overall but is missing some purity and sparkle on the high frequencys that my promo has. That being said Brothers in Arms is a digital recording and I perfer the sound of the earlyer Dire Straits records that were recored in analog but the songs are this record are excellent so if you like the music buy the $35 reissue from Stan Ricker but just dont expect the natural harmonics you get from a well recorded analog record. This is a 1985 Digital recording.

If you want the best sounding Brothers in Arms from Dire Straits you will have the purchase the 10" and 12" UK 45 rpm singles from that album. I have a few of these and recently played a few on my Basis 2500 table and they sounded way better that either my Quiex promo or the new expensive 1/2 speed reissue.
great info. i have put in an order for the stan ricker 1/2 speed. i have always thought that the original Brothers is one of the best DAA or DDA recordings i have listened to. thanks.
No one mentioned the best reason to get the 1/2 speed mastered 2LP: you get the full length versions of the songs on vinyl finally.