Brooks Berdan LTD Monrovia California

After Brooks died a couple of years ago his son took over the business. I was told from someone known in the Industry that he is not there anymore. Does anyone know what happened to him?
Not at all true. How do you know Brian didn't just decide to take some time off, go back to school, or something? Check the facts before posting misleading remarks.
Strange indeed, Taters.
When I asked Scott, wasn't Brian an owner/General Manager before he left (?), his answer was no, Brian was just an hourly employee. Not sure what he meant by that or what is the true story behind change in ownership. I am rather curious now.
Like I said earlier something doesn't seem right. I'm sure my Intuitions are correct. Whether I find out the truth is a different matter.
I'm a member of LAOCAS. We are having an event at Brooks Berdan in May. Sheila Berdan, Brooks widow and Brian's mom, is the formal host.