Brooks Berdan LTD Monrovia California

After Brooks died a couple of years ago his son took over the business. I was told from someone known in the Industry that he is not there anymore. Does anyone know what happened to him?
Brian's profile on Facebook says, "Former VP/General Manager at Brooks Berdan Ltd." So it would appear to be true. In any event he is a class act, as was his dad.

Thanks for the confirmation.
Well, I just called the Brooks Berdan LTD number i have on my rollo deck and Scott Hicks, who is now a GM of the BB LTD answered. He said the BB LTD is very much still in business, same place. Brian, however, is no longer an employee there he said.

I have met Scott and he has worked with Brooks Berdan since he was 14 so you/we are in good hands if we ever need BB LTD's help!

Essentialaudio, Agree, Brian, like his dad, is a class act!