Brooks Berdan LTD Monrovia California

After Brooks died a couple of years ago his son took over the business. I was told from someone known in the Industry that he is not there anymore. Does anyone know what happened to him?
If Brian Berdan is no longer there I would be surprised. I bought a phono cartridge from him after the Newport Beach Show last July. I have been a customer of BBL for many years and would be disappointed if Brian were gone.
I was also surprised to hear about it. The person that told me deals with the store directly so I believe it is true. I'll be there in 2 weeks for a meeting so I'll see for myself.
Brian's profile on Facebook says, "Former VP/General Manager at Brooks Berdan Ltd." So it would appear to be true. In any event he is a class act, as was his dad.

Thanks for the confirmation.
Well, I just called the Brooks Berdan LTD number i have on my rollo deck and Scott Hicks, who is now a GM of the BB LTD answered. He said the BB LTD is very much still in business, same place. Brian, however, is no longer an employee there he said.

I have met Scott and he has worked with Brooks Berdan since he was 14 so you/we are in good hands if we ever need BB LTD's help!

Essentialaudio, Agree, Brian, like his dad, is a class act!
I miss ole Brooks!
So do I !!

Brooks passed away passed in early 2011, from Crohns disease. He was dealing with this disease for some time. I attended his memorial services. His son Brian, is now running the operations.


If you bought an item at the last Newport Beach Audio show it was from someone other than Brooks.

Hope this helps.
04-23-13: Essentialaudio
Brian's profile on Facebook says, "Former VP/General Manager at Brooks Berdan Ltd." So it would appear to be true. In any event he is a class act, as was his dad.


Just caught your post. So, possibly I'm off on Brian still running things. I'm planning a trip there sometime within the next few weeks. I will check in to see what's going on.
I not only miss Brooks and his analog expertise, but seeing his exotic cars parked out front. Hopefully he is somewhere driving a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.
I don't see Brooks driving a Bugatti. I see him in a Lamborghini Miura.
It would be of interest to know the situation w/ Brian?
I see him in a Lamborghini Miura.

just not this Miura
I hope he wasn't in that one.
You would think that Brooks would have set him up. Something Isn't right!
So true Taters.
Strange indeed, Taters.
Not at all true. How do you know Brian didn't just decide to take some time off, go back to school, or something? Check the facts before posting misleading remarks.
When I asked Scott, wasn't Brian an owner/General Manager before he left (?), his answer was no, Brian was just an hourly employee. Not sure what he meant by that or what is the true story behind change in ownership. I am rather curious now.
Like I said earlier something doesn't seem right. I'm sure my Intuitions are correct. Whether I find out the truth is a different matter.
I'm a member of LAOCAS. We are having an event at Brooks Berdan in May. Sheila Berdan, Brooks widow and Brian's mom, is the formal host.

Ask Bob Levy, He probably knows whats going on.
I cannot believe Brian was an 'hourly employee' ?
I talk to Brian earlier this year when I bought a TT from him. I have been going there for the last 3 years. We always talk because maybe because were the same age, but really he is an honest nice guy. He was very busy and stressed and half of that was due to him trying to reach an agreement with buying the business from his mother, apparently that did not happen.

I just came from there and I have to admit that I don't think I will be returning. Nothing was wrong with how I was treated, it's just that the store carries brands that are a-typical and that I don't find interesting. I have much better choices here on this site and others. As for the new ownership I wish them the best of luck. I particularly don't care for Scott's approach to business; he seem's like a used car salesman and very insincere. Just today I overheard him tell the owner that he think's he can get another "X" amount of dollars out of a customer, and to me as a customer that totally turned me off and I left. Best of luck to Brian he would never act like that he even kept me from spending more money a couple times because I did not need it.

I hope Brian opens up his own shop some day.
I heard Brian Berdan is opening up his own store in Pasadena.
I think it will be opened this year.

As far as Scott goes he seems like a decent guy. But ever since Brooks died the store is not the same. I doubt I would do business with them anymore.
I guess Brian is opening his store in Pasadena very soon. On his website he lists all the same lines Brooks Berdan currently has. It looks like there going to war.
Brian's store, Audio Element, is slated for its grand opening on November 2.
I'll have to check it out.
I was at Brian's new store, Audio Element, this afternoon. Brian is great as always, and has some very nice equipment in his store. It's located on Union Street near Old Town for anyone who may be interested.
I guess he is sponsoring an Audiophile event in January.
117 E. Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
Thanks! for sharing.
If any of you guys check out the new loaction, post some pics.
The new store Audio Element has all the lines Brooks Berdan used to carry. I wonder how he picked up all those lines with a new venture. Brooks Berdan had those lines for years.I've never seen that happen before.
Thanks! for sharing Taters.