Broken stylus - inexpensive solution?

I recently moved and accidentally broke the stylus on my Goldring 1012GX. This really stinks because I didn't anticipate the additional expense and money is a bit tight.

To my knowledge, I can simply replace the stylus on the 1012GX with one from any of the 1000-series Goldring carts. I'm concerned, however, that this might be as expensive as purchasing a new cart. What would you recommend for someone on a budget looking for a quick fix (without lowering the sonic performance)? I have my local dealer looking into this as well, but I figured I should post anyway.

I received the cart as a freebie when I purchased the TT (Michell TecnoDec). If replacing the stylus will cost as much as buying a new (comparable) cart, then I'm open to suggestions.

There isn't an inexpensive solution unless you buy a used piece of junk. Stylus replacements are usually painful. My favorite budget cartridge is a shure m97 for about $100. However, having owned that and the goldring, the goldring is worth the extra money. Only buy used if you trust that the seller has not put 1000 hours on it.
Ah crap, I had a feeling this was going to be a costly repair...

Now that I have to replace the stylus, is there a noticeable improvement between the styli for the 1012GX, 1022GX, or 1042? I assume the price difference between the various styli is between $50-$150.

If performance improves, I just might opt to buy one of the more refined styli. That way, I can tell myself it was a moderate upgrade instead of a stupid, costly mistake.
I don't know when Goldrings got so outrageously expensive for what they are. They are nice but for the price, I'd go with Clearaudio or Grado.
You do have an option: Contact They may have an inexpensive replacement.