broken ribbon dali

I have a purchased a pair of Dali ikon 1 Mark 2 speakers and I'm more than happy with them for the price they offer a good degree of accuracy and respond well to my amplifier the Rotel ra-10.during a manic drunk up session last week the speakers got accidentally turned up to 12 and this was too loud for my stereo, even with in the space of 1 minute the speakers had started sounding fuzzy and old.on the advice of a contact over the Internet who informs me that there was a residual charge in the driver's which was affecting the performance I left the stereo off for 3 days and during this time which was for the charge to naturally dissipate they had magically repair themselves!I'm not sure but this may only apply to ribbon speakers.I'm so happy I still have a stereo and I want to share this information with everybody because it could well save someone from throwing out a pair of speakers which could have been reused given a little bit of a rest.


Sounds like you need a designated DJ at your next party.  There’s nothing better than thinking you’ve blown your speakers and finding out they just need a rest. Thanks for passing on your experience.