Broken RCA jacks

Several of the jacks on a receiver I bought are missing the silver outer covers, so the male plug can't grip onto anything. Is there an easy way to fix this, or do I need to install new RCA jacks? I take it that would mean soldering, which is something I've never done. Any ideas?
Pay someone to do it....
Radio Shack sells generic replacements. A lot of times they are in stock in the store, so you don't have to wait for the mail. They do ship to your house or your local store.
A set of tiffany style jacks is indicated. Soldering is not that big a deal. One of the mail order houses like would be better.
You'll need a good soldeing iron and some silver content solder. Practice first. Remember to heat the joint first then solder.
For Nefarious reasons the Jack is always abutting a fragilge old silcon trace board that is soldered in place and cannot be removed. Therefore I second the let some else do it idea .
If I'm not mistaken, you probably have a type of RCA jack in which the outer ground is a "sleeve" that snaps in place. I once had an amp that used these and they would come out if your cables were too tight.

If I'm right - the easiest fix is to find some spares outer sleeves. It's possible you may be able to find this type of RCA jack and radio shack, but I doubt it. You'll probably need to cannibalize them off of a similar receiver or other component from the Receiver's manufacturer. Shop Craig's list and local thrift shops for a parts unit.

Another option is to cannibalize them off the same receiver. I can't recall ever using all RCA inputs on any receiver or preamp I've owned (except on that only had 2 inputs. So, if you have 2 different inputs each missing one sleeve, pull one out from one and install it in the other. You may want to add a dab of superglue when you install it so it doesn't pull out every time you remove cables.