Broken ground phono connection

My Nakamichi CA-5 preamplifier got damaged in transportation. The part literally broke off. I consulted Nakamichi USA to se if they carried the part and they told me that they do not carry any more parts for their “legacy” gear.
I would appreciate any help in getting the part so I can replace it and start using my phono input. 
Use any screw on the chassis of the preamp. It is the same ground as the one that broke off!
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Just use any screw on the chassis. Loosen the screw and wrap the ground wire around the screw and retighten. No need to solder anything. No need to make a big deal of something so simple. A ground is a ground no matter where it is!
Thank you all for your advice. I can solder, so I’ll try to find something adequate to replace it. In the meantime, any screw on the case will do for grounding?
Is a 5vdc ground the same as a 120vac ground?

Not ALL grounds are equal. Really they are not.. AND you don't want them to be either.. A 5 volt dc computer ground is not shared with 120 volt ac ground.. A - doesn't always mean ground, there can be - and + voltage from a neutral position.. The way a joystick works with many variable voltages. Analog remotes.

Any screw will do IF there is a white metal contact. CLEAN the screw and make sure the screw hole is good and clean.. metal to metal..

You can drive  12" nail through it and use jumper cables too.. Oh OH.. That's vampire slaying, with a twist... :-)

The ground on the chassis is the same ground that the phono ground is attached to. It doesn’t get more simple than that!