Broken cantilever

I went to list to some vinyl today, and the cartridge simply slid across to the spindle. After I got over the "what the hell?" moment, I noticed the entire cantilever/tip assembly is gone. I think I may have contacted the needle while dusting the platter and took the cantilever right off. At any rate, it's gone.

Can this be repaired by somebody like Soundsmith with a new cantilever/tip assembly, or is the whole cartridge shot? Cartridge (Clearaudio Talisman) is about 1750 bucks new to replace. Would rather repair, since it  has less than 100 hours on it.  Warranty not an option- TT has been in storage for a couple of years, and the warranty is long gone.  Any ideas?

Both Needle Clinic and Soundsmith do these repairs.  Be aware, however, your cartridge may or may not sound the same with a different cantilever.   Some swear by this service and believe the replacement improved their cartridge.  Others, not so much.  As I recall this repair runs $300 to $500.  Not cheap but a lot less than a new cartridge.  I feel your pain.  A few years back I did the same thing to my Lyra.  

Yeah, it would have to be Soundsmith's boron cantilever repair, since the stock cantilever is boron.....which is the most expensive.

Thanks for the input. It is kinda rotten doing something stupid like that. Have to be more careful. Not a good week- shipped an amplifier out for repair today about an hour before I sawed off the cantilever.