Broken Bells- Columbia or Music on Vinyl?

Anybody familiar with the two pressings of Broken Bell self titled LP, both on 180 gram- Columbia or Music On Vinyl? The MOV is a few dollars more. Just wondering if it is worth the extra money.
I cannot speak of the merits of the MOV pressing, but I was nothing but disappointed in the Columbia pressing. My copy sounded flat, muddy and lifeless. The CD, which while ultra bass heavy, plays with much more detail and spark. I felt there was significant information missing on the vinyl pressing. I played it twice, the second time just to make sure I wasn't having a bad day the first time, and immediately placed on the "to be traded" shelf. In all fairness though, my Columbia copy is not an original pressing, but one I assume to be a later repressing purchased last year after they became cheap and easy to find. This is not the first time I've had this experience with DDA records. My guess is because the "analog" versions are sometimes considered only as an afterthought. Sometimes, for me anyway, the CD versions of contemporary releases play more pleasingly. For this reason I have taken a step back from purchasing some new titles on vinyl without the benefit of having read a review or two. With today's cost of vinyl, my days of impulse buying are often a fond memory.