Broken Audiolab 8000s - Help?

Does anyone have a service manual or any experience repairing Audiolab equipment?

The pre-amp section in my 8000s has stopped working properly. Only one channel works, and it seems to bypass the volume control and output at max volume.

If I plug a separate pre-amp directly into the amp input, the amp section works fine.

Any help?

Audiolab has been notoriously possessive with all their service info including schematics. I have tried for >10years to get a schematic for my 8000PPA to no avail.

Good luck.

Interesting. Artech actually offered to sell me a service manual, no fuss, I just need to send them my serial number.

The bigger issue to me is not wanting to pay $50 for the service manual if the thing's so shot that it's not going to help. I was just hoping that someone might have some extra insight.