Broke Stylus on Denon DL103 - any remedy?

Hi. I managed to break the stylus on my Denon DL103 cartridge today and I'm just wondering whether the body is now useless or whether I can get it retipped or something? Please excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question as I'm totally new to vilyl - I took the plunge this month and got a Teres 135 turntable, Origin Live Silver arm and the dnenon (not to mention a Supratek Syrah preamp with phono stage). Anyway, let me know if there is any way to get the cartridge fixed or maybe I'll just bite the bullet and get a new Denon (or maybe swing for a serious upgrade and get a Shelter 501?, or something else?) I can get the Denon from the UK for less than $100 new, so it seems like a good way to go (especially if I'm given to breaking them ;-) All advice very welcome. Thanks!
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John, it can't be properly fixed without a rebuild. Some people have used a very small aluminum tube to sleeve the two broken pieces together. But this is just a band aid, and doesn't restore the performance to what it should be. Critical aspects of the design are changed. The only thing to do is to get the new cart, because that is cheaper than sending it out for repair. Very sorry about this mishap for you. Keep me posted on your progress.
I feel your pain. I did EXACTLY the same thing with my vpi jr @ blue point special whem I first got it. I just got enough for that tasty taste, then I had to wait. Damn, man.