British Integrated Amps

I have a great affinity for British gear.  I have owned many British speakers from ProAc, Celestion, Mission, Wharfedale, Tannoy, Mordaunt Short, KEF, Linn & Monitor Audio and they were all very musical sounding.

I had a Rega Planar 3 for over 25 years and much shorter stints with a Linn Basik/Akito arm, Thorens TD125 mkII w/Rega RB303 arm and now an Ariston RD80 SEL w/Jelco arm.

I have also owned several British integrateds:  Onix OA-21s, OA-20/2, OA-60, Creek 5050, 4330, Musical Fidelity B1, Rotel RA870 and maybe a couple others that escape me right now and I now have a Meridian 504 tuner.  

I particularly like the shoebox sized units, I just like the size and shape of them and that they don’t take up a lot of room.

Which British integrated amps have you owned, which were your favorites, which ones were overrated, overpriced and what speakers were you using with them that made them a yay or a nay?

Look forward to your comments!  Thanks!

Creek Evo 100 was a fantastic pairing with PSB Imagine T2s and KEF LS50s.  There’s a big jump in build quality, parts and sound between the 50 and 100.  The 100 is a steal used but pricey new. 
What about Roksan ?  I haven’t heard one in years but they always had great PRAT. 
British Fidelity A1 (now called Music Fidelity) was absolutely amazing. Its 20 watts class A limited it capabilities, but the sound was magnificent. Ran that for 10 years in a small system. 

My daughter used a Creek 5350SE (made in the UK) for 8 years. Once she got out of graduate school she moved over to an all Resolution Audio system.

I still have a Rega Brio. Just simply easy to listen to. 

Always loved Sugden.
I started with a Naim Nait 1, which was excellent for its day but over-romanticized these days (as is the Nait 2).  Fantastic with a LP12/arm/MM cartridge and a pair of Kans or Index2.  

A couple of different Exposures were excellent, as was the Onix OA21.  

One integrated that doesn't get mentioned much is the Linn Majik, which is terrific within its limits.  I think too many people tried to run too-difficult speakers with them, but within its limits it is great.  Ditto the replacement for it - the Linn Majik-I (I think).  Bigger case, more power, etc.  

I have a Meridian 551, which sounds fine but is still breaking in.  I wouldn't put it up against the ones mentioned above - while it is smooth and ballsy, it's a bit . . . polite.  
I have really enjoyed Croft and Exposure gear the most.  I liked Rega and Naim, but not quite as much.