brit guitar heroes

In creating a brit guitar supergroup for one recording session, I'm imagining Page, Clapton and Beck on guitars, Winwood on keyboards, but for the life of me, I can't think of who would be the best (LIVING!!) drummer and bass player for the group......your suggestions?
Hey Desoto, I note that your three guitarists are all ex-Yardbirds lead guitarists. Were you one of the people in another thread that listsed them among the most influential groups of all time?
Peter Green, guitar; Steve Winwood, guitar; Jack Bruce, bass; Mick Fleetwood, drums. Winwood would double on keyboards and would share lead vocals with Bruce. Just a thought of 1960's to present day (still living) British musicians of note.
Rory Gallagher was a great guitarist. One of my favourites. Didn't get the fame that the other guys did but he could sure make his guitar talk. He passed away quite a few years ago though. I think it was liver disease.

Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce together again would be interesting. Didn't Baker try to knife Bruce once? It was even on stage, although I don't know if it was a performance or a rehearsal. That's a great story.

A couple of years ago, Mick Fleetwood made a comment about Ginger Baker being a bit "off" nowadays with his drumming. Ginger didn't take too kindly to that from what I hear.
they didn't call'em Cream for nothin'......the most 'underratted' rhythm sections though were jimi h's and anyone who passed through procol harum...god bless b.j. wilson
Bass either Tony Levin or Jeff Berlin.
Drummer Bill Brufford or Mike Portnoy...
Keyboards I'd suggest Brian Eno.
Given your desire for a brit guitar supergroup then the best living drummer for this job is clearly Steve Ferrone.

1) He is a brit
2) He plays all genre's adeptly adding to music rather than dominating it (as a great drummer should).
3) Currently part of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and living in LA
4) He opened for the WHO at age 12
5) Clapton unplugged...Eric chose Steve for his drumming

If you are suprised or have not heard of him then look him up on drummer's world. He has been employed by many of the best as a session drummer.

Steve Ferrone
Brit Supergroup:

Jeff Beck - Guitar
David Gilmour - Guitar
Mo Foster - Bass
Don Airey - Keyboards
Jason Bonham - Drums
Paul Rodgers - Vocals
okay..........since I started the thread, I have the option of changing it slightly.....lets now vote for deceased bass players, drummers and keyboard artists.......I vote for Keith, Bonzo and Nicky Hopkins