Brinkmann Lagrange or Kuzma Stabi M

Trying to decide between these 2 tables. Input from those who have experience with both would be appreciated.
Both are great tables made by two great manufacturers. I have heard both and enjoyed both but believe the level of technology of the LaGrange is much more advanced than the Stabi M. With the motor isolation, speed stability and tube power supply, the brinkman is pretty amazing. Plus it looks much sexier in person.

I would look to the Kuzma XL for a closer comparison to the LaGrange.
I upgraded from a Stabi Reference to a Stabi M, and transfered my 4 point arm onto it, too. I have no experience with the LaGrange.
Wouldn't the Kuzma Reference be on a similar plateau with LaGrange? LaGrange should trump the Stabi M, but I've never heard either.
The lagrange is better than even the top kuzma to my ears

Its just been phased out so you should get a great price
The laGrange is an awesome table, love it.

However, it has been discontinued with the addition of the two arm Balance and the focus on the new DD's

I would buy an SME 20/12 now the price has dropped.

Especially in Canada, see