Brinkmann LaGrange & Base


Saturday I received my Brinkmann LaGrange. In the manual mr. Brinkmann adviced to place the TT on a granite plate of 40x60 cm the plate has to placed on a wooden or metal plate with in between a piece of leather. I tried this combination and by placing the plates together the granite surface is quit death.

I like to know the experience of other owners of a LaGrange or Balance with placing the TT on this type of plates or on wood or whatever.

I have my TT on a granite base on a hardwood/MDF/hardwood laminate.
I think that leather is a very good idea, I use ~ 10 'bump-ons' in mostly irregular places.
Alas, my TT is a SME-10 and not a LaGrange. The SME 10 has 'absorbers' in the 3 pillar legs, don't know if the LaGrange stands on 'hard' points?

It'd be interesting to know.
Hi Rojo,
I have a "La Grange" and use a smaller granite base, I recently bought a set of 4 Stillpoints Ultra SS which have improved the sound over "Aurios" which are also good isolators , under the granite.
I heard both the Brinkmann Balance and the Bardo on Vibraplane platforms at the
recent audio show in NYC. I understand that the dealer now sells most of his
Brinkmanns with Vibraplanes for isolation. The sound in this room was
extremely good.