Brinkmann Balance vs Basis 2800

Hi everyone
i need some insight. I have a system that I have been building for some time now and the time has come to pick a turntable. As you all know there are many options to choose from. I have 2 dealers willing to sell me turntables at reasonable prices. 

The first is the Brinkmann Balance. It is 1 year old 2 arm mount system. I have heard the spider and bardo systems and have researched the praises of this table; however, I have never heard the balance before

The second is the Basis 2800 signature. I have never heard this TT before but the reviews seem to recally appreciate the quality. This TT is 4 years old. 

Any my first hand knowledge of these two tables would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
You should provide a bit more information about both tables.
Such as :

For both tables:
What tonearm(s) are included?

For the Basis:
Is the calibrator base included?
I assume the vacuum hold-down is included, correct?
(Do you have room in your rack for this addition piece of equipment?)

For the Brinkmann:
Does it come with some sort of isolation platform?
What power supply is included?  (The tubed one is best, IMHO)

Good luck in making your decision, as both are top notch tables.

Thanks Kurt 
he Brinkmann comes with hrs platform and the 12" Brinkmann tonearm with the tube power supply.
Basis comes with vector 4 tonearm as well as callibrator and vacuum hold down. 
The basis is approximately 5k more expensive than the balance. 
Havent yet decided on the the cartridge yet. I taking it one step at a time but advice is really appreciated here. 
What are yours and others recs as well as the value of the price difference between these 2 items
The Vector is the superior arm IMO and yes I've owned both.

Thanks would you go with the basis turntable then over the balance and pay 5k more or is the difference not worth the price difference???
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The Basis is the better table and well worth the extra cost.  Also Basis has the better support with out a doubt. I had no support from Brinkmann will never own one again. 

Hey cmanios,

FYI:  I base my comments upon my knowledge of my own Basis 2500, with a Vector 3 tonearm, as well as my friend's Brinkmann Balance, with a 9" tonearm on a HRS platform, with the tube power supply.

I agree with sksos1 that the Vector is a great arm, at least as good as the Brinkmann 9" arm, and maybe better, (tough to tell due to two different systems).
Whether it is better than the 12" version, I really can't say.  I also agree that A.J. Conti, (Basis' owner/designer), provides great service and advice.  (That is one of the reasons I am on my third Basis table, and second Vector tonearm, over the last 13 years.)

I do think the Brinkmann Balance is a great table, but I do not have sksos1's ownership experience though.  (I think the table is better than my 2500, but not by a great margin.)

I would guess the Balance costs around $20K, versus the $25K for the 2800.
If I had the money, I think the Basis would be my choice too.
(25% more is a chunk of change though.)
Again, good luck making a tough choice.

BTW, What phono preamp are you going to be using?