Brinkmann and Koetsu?

I have a Brinkman Bardo with the Brinkman arm and am in search of a new phono cartridge......considering trying the Koetsu Rosewood Signature or the platinum version thereof.

Anyone with experience with this combo?  Or any suggestions re nice cartridge pairings with the BB combo?




I have a Bardo / Triplaner / Delos and quite enjoy it. Images like crazy, good tracker, very neutral - not colored...I have heard this same TT / Arm with Lyra Atlas and have also heard at dealer a Bardo w Brinkmann arm, RonT power supply and Lyra Atlas. I think a stone body Koetsu would be similar. My listening experience w wood body Koetsu says warmer and a bit of added color but not a mistake, just preference...




Thanks Jim! I see now that the OP had a Delos in a 2016 post. Kleos?

@bixx More info about system, sound preference may help. 

I have heard the Delos, but not in the Bardo. I'm sure it sounds magical though.


Glad you chimed in on this Jim. If anyone would know about this pairing, it's you.

I am playing the signature in my Brinkmann Balance with a SAT and I LOVE it. Not so much on the Bergmann Galder with the Odin.

the patinum sounded a little too bright for me.

Brinkmann arm is an version of Breuer arm  but with different counter

weights meant as ''universal arm'' . Different weight function is

to get the weights as near as possible to the pivot. So in priciple

you can use whatever cartridge you like. 

I have a Koestue Rosewood Signature and it sounds exactly as advertised. Neutral balanced, detailed, natural, and musical. I am using it on a contemporary Linn LP12. I would buy it again.

Thanks very much for all your responses.....  In the past I have been using the Delos to very good effect.  I have downsized my system to fit my downsized room/house to a Nagra Classic INT, Roon/Carry DMS 600 streamer, Dynaudio C1 Platinum speakers on their stands, Brinkman table and arm on HRS stand, and a Musical Surroundings Nova II phono preamp.  My nephew managed to break the stylus off the Delos, hence my new search.  I have also been looking to upgrade the Nova II but have had no luck coming up with something better so far.  Thinking of trying the Zesto Andros?  Don't know if I can take the big dive for a Lyra Atlas, but my local stereo guy swears by them and used it in a Brinkman system for his reference....  Maybe a wood bodied Koetsu along with the Zesto might be too much of a good think?

The Zesto is excellent, i have heard it with a SOTA, SME and a Koetsu Rosewood. An Etna makes a good combo w Zesto. Etna likely my next cart. The Nova II in battery mode is very very neutral. I had a III before the Herron. Hopefully you are enjoying the musical journey :-) Jim

I would think that the Brinkmann SL tonearm would have too low vertical effective mass for Koetsu but inertia in the horizontal plane is high with SL tonearms, so perhaps you'd be ok. I love my Triplanar but it was not a good match with Koetsu Urushi which sounds much better in a higher mass (pivoted) tonearm.

Thanks Jim.....I AM having enjoying the journey!  Interesting watching my tastes change over the years as the system changes from rock to now mostly jazz and classical....VERY cool:-)

Interesting watching my tastes change over the years as the system changes from rock to now mostly jazz

Me too. I have found that the better the system, the more varied the types of music you'll listen to. 

My tastes changed from Rock (60's - 70's to Jazz ('80s - to present), added classical (in 80's), then   Electronic in 90's, World in 90's , blues, then that in between. Now with Qobuz virtually everything.