Bringing out the lows in my AP Virgo's?

Interested in hearing your thoughts on what might go well with the Audio Physic Virgos. Looking for an integrated amp or amp/preamp option. Im jettisoning my B&K 307 because i no longer need the home theater option. Looking for more present low's, while acknowledging the limits of the Virgos. Not interested in dealing with a sub at this time. My music ranges from accoustic folk (Leo Kotke), to Groove (Manu Chao), to beethoven-and-later classical (Dvorak's New World Symphony). I also listen to the radio and would prefer not to get a separate tuner.

Other components:
Cary 308 CD
KPE reference Phono stage

Budget up to $2500 or so.
Thanks in advance!
Might want to check out - these do wonders for bass. Good Listening!
Aronov LS960i integrated tube amp, selling used on Audiogon for about $1600, has brought out the best bass capabilities, by far, in a number of my speakers: Clements RT-7, Platinum Audio Solo, Platinum Audio Reference 1, Spendor LE 3/1, Duntech PCL 5, and even Spendor LS3/5A mini-monitors, since you mentioned sense of bass inadequacy.
The remaining musical spectrum is very fine, and suits your Cary mid-range especially well.
May have to type in Aronov Audio on to bring up their minimalist website.
The other key to raising the bass quality in my systems has been to use the very top model power cord from Mapleshade, for the amp, connected directly into the AC wall outlet.
Not having built-in tuner may allow for superior sound, and justify the inconvenience.
That still leaves room in the budget for finest, affordable wiring from, and your $2500 is all accounted for. Two pairs of interconnects at $120 per pair, and $180 for eight foot pair of speaker cables. Prices not a misprint. Moneyback home trial to prove "you got bass," and everything else your system can deliver.
By the way, congratulations on fine source components for both CD, and vinyl.
I heard the Virgo II's with Blue Circle. Definitely big bass and takes some of the analytical, cold sound out of the Virgos if that's a problem.