Bring back life to a old system - Amp upgrade

My System:
Pre:Sonic Frontiers Line 1
Amp: Musical Fidelity A3CR
Speakers: Thiel CS 1.6

I have been bored with my stereo after getting some active dynaudio monitors which are excellent but near feild listening is tiresome, I have ignored my 2 channel system a few years. I recently auditioned a Conrad Johnson MF-2300 in my system and I forgot how much bass my speakers could output with a more powerful amp and how much i missed having an excellent 2 channel system. The CJ had control on the speakers that really made the bass more defined and enjoyable and the highs and mids are very smooth. The musical fidelity amp is excellent with my sonus fabers, but it does not do the thiels justice power wise. I feel like the MF was better in imaging and soundstage. The shop was going to give me decent trade in value on my amp which was pretty enticing in favor of the CJ but I tend to hold on to my gear for a while and the CJ was almost good enough but not quite there.

I am looking for some recommendations on amps, I live on the coast in GA and there are not many audio shops here. I am looking for an amp that is stable down to 3 ohms. I am fond of both tube gear and SS. Older amps are also cool, I have been listening to an old SAE One MKIII that blows both amps away but they are hard to find and expensive to repair. I am looking for an amp with the control and smooth nice mids and highs of the CJ but with better imaging and sonudstaging. Budget ~ $1000.