Brilliant Video proving MQA is not what claim

This video is Brilliant !!!!

Is anyone besides myself frustrated that Tidal has been removing the loss less flac versions of music for an MQA only choice.  I have reached out to them about this and have not received any response.

Yeah, would have been better to lead with your comment about heros as your post sounds like a troll post. I’m not going to comment on the DMS-600 (perhaps that’s your problem). Years ago I spent about 6 months converting all of my CD collection to FLAC, using dbPoweramp and all the best possible file conversion format settings. My FLAC sounds amazing (to that end I also compared it to WAV and had lots of debates with people why FLAC sounds identical, still lots of people didnt want to admit it ).....I have done LOTS of A/B testing with my FLAC rips to the original disc using an Esoteric D-70 as a DAC and different high-end CD players as a transport into the D-70 and playing the FLAC on JRiver and using a custom made PC with an RME sound card, no fans etc with word clock in and out into the Esoteric D-70. FLAC rip sounds better, undeniably.

Now onto MQA.....I still have access to all my FLAC files on a high-end SSD and can go back and forth between my FLAC file and the MQA version using Tidal on my player. I have tested this dozens of times. MQA is better to my’s not really a contest in my system.

Not sure the drum you are beating but for some of us the MQA is better. If you disagree, such is this hobby. But to go on a quest to convince others that MQA is inferior to FLAC is just your viewpoint. Other viewpoints exist.

PS Audio hasn't wavered at all on MQA, they don't like it at all, have never liked it, and never will.  But, as soon as enough of their customers started clamoring for MQA compatibility, they included it in their units, and from what Paul McGowan has said, will continue to support it (even though Paul wishes it would just go away).  If their customers no longer want it, they will dump it.  To them, it's strictly a case of satisfying their customers. 
nobody is arguing that  direct sources are usually better sounding then streaming - however my cary sounds awesome but all things being equal the sound is superior with my cd player.  
i love the convenience of streaming as well as being exposed to an almost infinite amount of new and different music.   
Not here to argue about sound quality…all i am saying is that it is proven the MQA does not deliver on its promise, whether you prefer it or not is up to every listener .   I JUST WANT THE CHOICE