Brighter, livelier than benz lp

I got a benz lp a few years ago. In my system i always felt it has sounded a bit dull in the treble and heavy in the bass, especially on poor recordings.

Any suggestions for something brighter, leaner and cheaper to go with an Avid Acutus and SME iv?
Of course. Buy a better Phonostage. Your damping load is way to low.
All Benz Systems are made for 47kohms. They all have a very clean top
range and a fast, but not blown, Bass.
Heres one :-) Liberty

And yes I do make them

Good listening

You could go for an OC9. It's tipped up a bit.

But I agree that first you should test your cart loading.
Thanks for suggestions. I checked cart loading and phono stage was set at 1K Ohm. I've changed that to 47kohms as Syntax suggested... thanks.. it seems to have helped. Bass seems more tighter and less bloated whilst treble seems more extended and open.

I'll update you when I've had more time to listen.

Sounds like you are on the right track, hopefully issue solved without spending $. My suggestion was actually still Benz, but the Gullwing. I heard that it actually has the signature you are after in comparison to the LP. The Benz guy I spoke with, actually liked the LP and Gullwing the best of the Benz's. He had not heard the TR however.
Dynavector XV-1s, ZYX UNIverse X-SB2 or Lyra Titan i.
The cartridges Jmcgrogan2 listed would provide more of what you're seeking, though I have my doubts that the money they cost would be well spent. Your tonearm would not let you hear everything a UNIverse or Titan i can do. Not sure about your phono stage. It would help if you'd list your system...

Regardless, I'd advise several additional, no-cost adjustments before you drop serious money on a new cartridge. High end vinyl reproduction is not a plug-n-play proposition, as you've just learned. User involvement with trained ears is the only way to achieve optimal performance with gear at this level. In addition to the correct impedance loading that you just discovered...

1. Clean your stylus
If your stylus isn't properly cleaned after EVERY side it will accumulate a layer of burnished-on crud that will dull highs and micro-dynamics. If you aren't using a Magic Eraser after each side then your stylus almost certainly isn't clean. Search this forum or VA for details, how-to's and testimonials.

2. Set anti-bias (anti-skating) to "zero". Leave it there until you've accomplished #3. You may find you don't need any, or need far less than you're using now. Excessive A/S has exactly the deleterious effects you desribed and with some cartridges *any* amount of A/S is "excessive".

3. Fine-tune VTF
Your symptoms sound like the classic effects of marginally too-high VTF. Try reducing it by small (.05g) increments until you hear mistracking on tough-to-track passages. Then move VTF back up in tiny (.01g) increments until tracking is clean, high freq's are still clear and bass has some weight without thickness.

4. Play with VTA/SRA
Not easy with your arm, but your symptoms could indicate that the arm base is slightly too low.

If all this fails to achieve the sound you want, only then would it make sense to explore a new, high end LOMC. You'd have to do all these adjustments (and more) with a new cartridge anyway. You might as well learn how using a cartridge you're already familiar with.

Good luck!
Thanks Doug! I have reduced VTF and increased VTA as cart was riding low at back. I'll have more time to experiment at weekend... But, so far so good.

Thanks again folks for your help...i
You're a smart man
If it doesnt work I am using a Benz Gullwing with Avid Sequel and sme V arm. Loaded at 47K, sound is open, lively, and not even close to dull.
Is your LP an S class?
Thanks, Musicfile

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No, its an LP.