Bright future for Laserdisc????

Can anyone tell me what the production pace for LD's is? Are they still produced and if so, at the same pace and title availabilty as DVD. I am considering getting a used player, but would appreciate any helpful info you might have. Thanks
The pace of laser disc production has slowed down but all the major theatrical releases are still produced, just not in the numbers they used to. 4-5 years ago a major motion picture would have caused 50,000 units to be produced, where today that # has fallen o 10,000 units produced for sale, all this is according to what people have told me from Ken Cranes, one of the many retail sources for laser discs. Try them there at There are dozens of places on the web to buy new and used Laser Discs, just search the web using the key word, "Laserdisc". As far as whether or not to buy a used LD player is up to you. I have one and love it. I also have over 100 LD's in my collection, and would never think of selling them! I also love DVD's and purchase both formats, however I do buy more DVD's than LD's. My advice is to do some research and have fun! BEST OF LUCK AND HAPPY MOVIE WATCHING. MIKE
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Really not promising due to a couple of reasons: First not enough titles specially new available. Higher cost to manufacture related to construction itself (compare polycarbonate ammound used per laser disc and per DVD) and quantity produced of each. Second have two friends with Laser disc and DVD and Laser disc player collecting dust. Their experience also provides better image and less complicated operation no turning of discs. The decrease in production rate mentioned above also gives a good pointer to consider. Regards
If you are a true movie buff you may want to consider buying a model like the Pioneer DVL-700 (LD/DVD combi player)or just a decent 2 side play LD only. I have both formats and have enjoyed LD for the last 12 years. I find myself purchasing DVD titles now but would never consider getting rid of my laserdisc player. The big reason: Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones trilogy, Braveheart, etc. Until these movies are released on DVD, LD is the BEST way to view them. I have been replacing LD titles with DVD but still find I have about 50 or so LD's that aren't offered in the DVD format - and some that may never be! I can crank up my Pink Floyd concerts on LD! So my bottom line opinion is - go for it! After all, you can probably pick up a decent used one for less than a new Goldstar VCR from Target! On final word of advice is to get an LD player that has a digital out (usually they're optical only). If you upgrade to an outboard DAC you may find you will use it as a hefty transport to listen to CD's on too. - Just a thought.
If you plan to rent discs LD is all but dead. I switched over to DVD about one year ago because the availablity of new movies on LD had become so bad. Also, the only video store in Boulder, CO that rented LDs was selling off all of their LDs. The sound quality of DVDs I do not think is as good as LD overall, but the picture quality is better. If you like to buy movies that have already been released there are good deals to be had on used LDs, but in the end you will need both formats. Keep in mind also that not all movies were released on LD as the market for LDs was maybe 5% of movie sales at best. DVD is much more mainstream oriented and will replace VHS in a few years. So, eventually you can expect most old movies will be released on DVD.
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I don't think anyone can argue aginst a quality DVDs visual aspects...VHS, BETA, LD, they can't touch it. It was interesting to read that you think LD has better sound...perhaps a high quality LD player uses better "stuff" (for lack of a better term), but with Dolby Digital and DTS, there is nothing closer to the theatre experience available. I was curious why you thought LD sounded better. Nate
I wouldn't recomend buying into a mostly dead foremat.I have Theta Data 3,and many LD'S;so I have a different perspective.I own Hell Freezes Over on:cd,ld,&dvd.The only one I play now: LD.Better bass than DVD (Elite 09) better picture than the CD +cd has 3 songs missing. I think the mag's under rated this on LD,sound.They did give it class A as a cd transport.I also have Gen 5A w/24/96 So as I say Everything else in the playback system matters.I do sur.snd.;but NEVER for music lds or dvds.
LD uses PCM as opposed to the compression schemes used in DVD 5.1 or 2 channel. It also operates at a higher frequency 96kHz instead of 44.1 kHz. My systems D/A and other associated equipment is optimized using the 44.1/16 format. This is probably why I notice the LD's (non-5.1) having better sound on music LD's and non-5.1 soundtracks.