Bright & fast speaker cables with great imaging ?

I need some tone control for my single driver speakers which lack in the treble department and want to get the most detail out of them. The speaker cables should lead to more present cymbals and an open soundstage.

I value timing and imaging and openness the most.

Budget 400$ used.

I am open to amp and interconnect recommendations. (92db/8Ohm/small room)
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Mapleshade Golden Double Helix speaker wires may be your best bet. Their Excalibur or Clearview IC's will further the cause in the qualities you mentioned.
For amps, look at Van Alstine for SS or consider Decware SET's.
Why would you want bright?
Clear Day Double Shotgun silver speaker cables. $500/8 ft. list, $450 discounted by designer/maker. I got mine used for $250.
Bright has both negative and positive connotations. The positive connotation is that the midrange and treble is actually all there and not recessed. You know, kind of the opposite of dark. Of course no one wants it too bright.
You might try some DH Labs Silversonic T14 which is a silver coated copper wire. It's very good wire for the price, and the silver coating makes it brighter.
Sounds like a job for Nordost. Also second the DH Labs. Best of luck.
I agree w/ bdp24 above regarding the Clear Day Double Shotguns.  I knew I was missing something on the top end but didn't realize how much until I got the Clear Day Shotguns installed.  These opened up my system A LOT!  Took maybe 30 seconds on the first song to hear the difference.  Even the wife thought so, and she doesn't "listen" to music the way I do.

Used if you can find 'em, but worth it even at full price IMO.
Get the detail and clarity without the brightness...Audition the JPS Superconductor 3 speaker cable.
Let your price range completely sail over my head. Sincere apologies.
I second the Mapleshade Double Helix.
Performers move further into the room with greater delineation, detail and extension without the etch or other annoying artifacts. You get lots of air, tone and pitch without regard.

All the best,
Audioquest SKY interconnects definitely fit this description....I owned quite a few pairs years ago. They may be what you are looking for. There are other great recommendations listed above as well; 2nd the Mapleshade and Nordost recommendations....
Sorry,...noted interconnect recommendation by mistake; apologies for the error. If you are looking to get more detail in the high frequencies in your entire audio chain, SKY is a great contender. For speaker cables, the AQ KE4's are a silver-conductor, extremely fast and detailed option you should consider. K2's as well but they are general more expensive.
I third the Mapleshades. Been using them for years. Quite amazing quickness, clarity and microdynamics. The bass is startling and very clean.
Give them a chance to settle though, each time after you uncoil...