Bridging Electrocompaniet aw250r

Thinking about purchasing another aw250r and running a pr bridged mono. Does anybody know this is done internally?

Please feel free to contact us we are Electro dealers and I am sure we can assist you. 

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Be aware with bridging, yes you gain watts if you need to go louder, but you loose too.
Less damping factor (the ability to control the bass driver)
Less current drive into low impedance’s.
Higher distortion.

So unless you need more watts just so you can play louder, your better off not bridging.
If you want you could go bi-amping with a second aw250r if your speakers have separate terminals, this will be way better than bridging.

Cheers George
Current drive will stay the same, but current demand will be 2x higher (because of 2x voltage). I would not worry about that since this amp can deliver 100 amperes peak. According to specifications your amp can be bridged and can drive 1 ohm speakers - bridging should work fine, giving you up to 4x power.

As for the damping factor - it is not important! For instance, if your speakers are 6 ohms about 2/3 of the drivers impedance will be resistive - around 4 ohm. This will limit real damping factor to DF=1.5
We don’t want to make it worse but this amp has output impedance 0.008 ohm (20Hz-20kHz). Making it 0.016 ohm will change effective DF from 1.497 to 1.494 (0.2% lower). At least that’s the case for the woofers. I’m not sure about electrostatic part. It supposed to be high impedance, but they use transformers to lower it.