Bridging details for Accuphase A50V anyone?

Hi there - just aquired two A50V's and want to run them in bridged mono, but I can't seem to find any info on HOW to do this. There is a switch on the rear for normal - left - right - bridged position, but how should the actual connections be done?
There are usually notes next to amp binding posts where to connect your speaker wires if the amp is bridged. If not, it's either doesn't matter or you can simply trial-error (only make sure that you don't swap positive and negative) to see where you get your sound louder. Have a mute switch handy or simply switch to dummy source your preamp before each trial. If your speakers are biwireable, you can take an advantage using all 4 binding posts to all 4 binding posts if bridged amp tests same from all terminal pairs.
Thanks, Marakanetz - but there's no indications on the rear cover, only the aforementioned switch. No info concerning inputs etc., left or right, balanced/unbalanced.

Lots of bragging' on the Accuphase site, but NO actual info as to HOW...
It's trial-error than or you can simply bi-amp using either Y-connector or if available preamp second output.