Bridging Classe CA-100's

As a future upgrade I was considering picking up a second Classe CA-100(I can get one used usually for around 600 bucks)and bridging them.Has anyone tried this?I am not currently using a preamp,would I need one to do this?Any advice would be appreciated by this audiophile novice. Thank You- krelldog(I mean the dog who can't afford Krell)
Krelldog, Refer to a thread called "monoblocks did not work" where I talk about my unsuccessful Bridging of CA-400's. You will be better of either bi-amping (vertical) or go for one step up high power stereo amp.Summary is amps primarily designed as stereo amp won't perform as goods as "monoblocks" when bridged.
Nilthepill-Thanks for the info. JOhn
I use a Classe CAV-150 six-channel amp bridged for three channels in my H/T system. It works very nice in this config. However it is only feeding my center and rear channels so it's a little hard to tell what's really going on musically.
Krelldog, no need to afford Krell. There are better amps at reasonable cost and Classe is a good example, IMHO. This doesn't address your specific question but thought I would share my experience with the Classe DR10 CA-100 CA-200 and CA-300 amps. All are outstanding. The CA-100 has better defined bass than the older DR10. The CA-200 also has more detailed bass than the CA-100 and is over all more transparent. I didn't notice any improvement going from the CA-200 to the CA-300 but my speakers aren't huge (Thiel CS 1.5). The CA-200 was the sweet spot for me. They sell used for about $1400-$1600. I would still have mine except for the fact that I'm playing with tube gear these days.