Bridging amps : How

Stupid Question! Never tried this how is it done? Looking to buy a Krell Unit that is 5 X 200 but can be bridged to 400. How? Thanks!
2 ways:

1. There is sometimes a built-in bridging circuit that only requires the user to push a button and use the correct connections.
2. You need to add a bridging adapter that will invert the polarity of the signals to one amp; then you connect the speaker across the (+)terminals of the two to be bridged.

Contact Krell for specific info.

Krell Kav...I don't remember exactly what you needed to do because I never did it when I had my Kav-500. I do remember from reading the manual that it was a simple to do.

I'll guess that all the Kav units can be bridged...don't know that for sure though.

I have a pair of Hafler 9270's that have 135 w/ch in stereo or 400 w/ch in bridged mode. You can bridge them by pushing a button on the back of the amp, then connecting to the two positive lead terminations labeled for bridged usage. They sounded MUCH better in stereo mode with one stereo amp providing left and right woofer terminations and the other stereo amp providing the tweeter/midrange terminations on the speaker end. In bridged mode they may have provided more power, but I could not appreciate any power differences as the 135 per channel in stereo was plenty enough for my large living room. In bridged mode it sounded "etched" and "brittle" and "harsh". I just didn't like it that way. FWIW, IMHO when it comes to amps, go for quality, not power rating, unless your trying to put on a concert outdoors. (I am using Atma-Sphere M60's in the living room now, and using just one of the Haflers in the bedroom). Happy Listening, and Happy Holidays!