Bridging amps.

Can anyone tell me how to bridge two mono amps together to make a single more powerful amp. I have two Adcom GFA-565 monoblocks. I want to get two more and use two per side for the woofer towers of my Infinity Beta speakers. The woofer controller has plus and minus phase outputs.
this is not a question of "bridging" (which involves using two or more stereo amps as monoblocs) but one of bi- tri- or quad-amping. first, you'll need a preamp, or direct source with volume control, that has 2 pair of outputs or more, fairly unusual unless you use single-ended and balanced simultaneously (not recommended). second, you'll need a pair (presumed) of speakers that are bi- or tri-ampable (your infinity bass towers do NOT appear to be bi-ampable). then it's just a matter of impedence matching and purchasing a sufficient number of (matching, i should hope) speaker cables.
I had the Beta towers and tried all sorts of amplification for the bass. The best I found was a QSC M3000. Less than $1000. Much more punch than either Bryston or Krell.
The Adcoms are not that good for bass. My recommendation is an Eagle 2A or the Kenwood L09M. Both of these are fantastic bass amps. The Kenwood is a 300 watt mono amp from 15 - 20 years ago. The Betas need tons of power on the woofer towers to do them justice. Happy hunting.
dunno about the adcom 565's, but i use a pair of the original adcom gfa555's, bridged, to drive my vmps larger subs, and the bass response is excellent - tight, accurate, textured, powerful...
Thank you very much for all of your input. I'm going to take your advice and forget about the bridging. I will be looking for some of the amps that you have mentioned. I already have five other amps but I can make room for a few more.