Bridging a McCormack Micro Amp to Mono

Is this a really bad idea? What should I be looking out for.

I am doing this to hopefully provide enough power to my Magnepan MMG's.
Contact Steve McCormack for your answer.
Call/email Steve McCormack or his tech (Chris, IIRC) at SMcAudio. Of course you will need two amps, but they can modify the amps for you IF it would serve your needs.
Hi Guys -

In fact monoblock operation is built-in to the Micro Power Amps. There are 4 internal jumpers labelled mono / stereo, and one of the RCA inputs is labelled for mono use. I have spoken with Grettich about this and have e-mailed him a .PDF copy of the owner's manual.

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
Thanks guys! THanks Steve!
This set up sounds really quite remarkable. It's a bit hot but with the atenuators that the magnepans come with you can balance it out nicely.
Hi Grettich -

Glad to hear it worked well! Be sure your amps have plenty of ventilation, and have fun :-)

Best regards,

Steve McCormack