Bridging 2 adcom gfa-2535's to power front towers

What is the difference between using two Adcom gfa-2535 4 channel amps bridged on one side to 200x2 wpc to power my front left/right's, as opposed to using one gfa-555 @ 200x2?
Would I gain power from only using the bridged sides of the 2535's and not the 60x2 side? And would the power be much cleaner from the 555 because it is a 2 channel amp instead of a 4?
Thanks in advance,
Well, I went ahead and bridged them gfa-2535's for my fronts.... and holy wow they sound good! And not answering my own question here, cause if anything I am more curious as to if a 2 channel Adcom amp of equivalent wattage might sound cleaner than what I have here. I have "travelers" by "blues traveler" on now and I have never heard so much of it... wow.
Would a 2 channel give me even more clarity yet?
A yes would work for me.. :)
Dorian again