Bridged Spectral DMA 50?

Does anyone have any experience/thoughts on bridging the spectral dma 50?

I use one right now, and I see them out here from time to time and I'm curious about buying another to try the bridging. Any thoughts on what I might expect if I go from 1 to 2 amps? Prior plan had been to go up the ladder, maybe a 180 gen II, a 100S, or 160 used, but this would be alot less $$, and none of the amps up the ladder are available used.

Digital - Krell KAV 300 cd
Vinyl -Project RM5, benz MC20, mcccormack micro phono
Preamp - Spectral DMC 15
Power - Spectral DMA 50
Speakers - Thiel 1.6
Cabling - MIT throughout


I used two DMA90's bridged and found it to be great.
I don't know how much more power you feel you need,but
I am going to put a single DMA-90 on Audiogon in a few days.
This would give you 100wpc.