Bridged Mono Audio Research 100.2's

Has anyone bought two stereo 100.2s and had them converted to bridged mono?

The potential to have very high power while retaining the native sound quality has piqued my interest level.

200 wpc/8 ohms, 400 into 4 ohms, and > 700 into 2 ohms.

If you have done this work, were the amps sent back to ARC? How did it sound after...etc.

I normally don't recommend bi-amping and spending the money on duplicating the same amp when you can often do better by spending the same amount of money on one superior amp, but if you really want to...

You might look into running the two 100.2 amps in push-pull or balanced bridged mode rather than trying to modify them internally. The idea is to make two "Y" pairs of balanced cables, one for each channel. Each "Y" will have a single female XLR at the preamp end and branch off into two male XLRs at the amp end. One of those two male XLRs needs to have pins 2 and 3 reversed relative to the other. Then you would connect the normal XLR male to the amp's left channel and the inverted XLR male to the amp's right channel. Lastly, connect your speaker cable across the two positive speaker binding posts.

If you decide to try this, contact ARC first and check with them. I haven't tried it with that model amplifier but I believe it would work fine. Also, consider again just buying one superior amplifier, unless your speakers are just that hungry for power.

Good luck.
I bridged a D300 in the Day and it wasn't the same quality as the D400 MkII, and it ran really hot while bridged. To Bridge the D300 you made a Custom XLR cable to jumper the channels together and then you ran the negative on one channel and the positive on the other channel

Remember doubling power only increases the output 3dB, so this might not be enough to warrant the upgrade.